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विभिन्न सञ्चारगृहहरुबाट प्रकाशित मानवसेवा आश्रम सम्बन्धि समाचारहरुलाई यहाँ लिंक गराइएको छ।

शुक्रबार सम्म ४ करोड आर्थिक सहयोग संकलन

By Others - 2080-10-20
मानव सेवा आश्रमकाे वार्षिक प्रतिवेदन सार्वजनिक
छोरा बुहारीबाट अपहेलित भएका घटनाले रसाए सबैका आँखा
‘आमा सेमिनार’ अब अष्ट्रेलियामा पनि हुने
दाङको आमा सेमिनारमा थामिएन अश्रुधारा
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Those who have been on the road for years got support

The burn has healed but the heart remains the same

After pointing a knife at the DIG saying 'I am also the inspector's daughter'...

National Rescue Mission for Street People: People who have been living on the streets for years

Happiness returned to Umakanta's family after years

Let's help the destitute as much as possible, 'Bhajan Sandhya for food'

Mechi Mahakali National Rescue Yatra: Rescue of 5 people suffering from cold

The rescue of the destitute is starting again

As the cold got colder, Manavseva Ashram came together to rescue the street dependents, again traveling to Mechi Mahakali.

This is how Man Bahadur, Vikas and Purna Bahadur got a new life

Muna Lama enjoying humanitarian service

Mahayagya in Pus for the construction of the building of Manavseva Ashram Chitwan branch

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