Mission & Vision

  • Food, clothing and shelter for all.

  • Building, Declaring and Implementing Supportive (Helpless, Disabled, Helpless, Orphaned, Unaccompanied, Mentally and Physically Weak) Road Dependent Human Free Nation Nepal.

  • The Country of Humanity, Nepal.


Creative programs have been organized in various places of the country since 2066 BS with the aim of developing humanity, philanthropy, social spirit in the people and building good and virtuous citizens through the non-profit social organization Thoughts for superb living completing one year of service expansion of the organization in Makwanpur district, various seven-day programs were conducted in Jestha 2069 BS.

Among them, a banquet was organized on June 7 with the street people who are living in misery in the streets and public places of Hetauda. A one-day banquet program organized for the street people in Hetauda to help the people living a miserable life in various street corners and public places was a great success. Such people have been forced to live a miserable life in the scorching heat of Baishakh and the bitter cold of Paush-magh for years.

There is no one who can do anything for themselves and no one to take care of them, By e...

  • To be committed to the creator of "The Country of Humanity, Nepal".

  • To make Nepal devoid of road man for assistance, to be forced to spend the night under the open sky compulsorily all over the world, to be dedicated for the protection of the life of street man for assistance.

  • To develop every place where there is a human service ashram as a social tourism area and to develop it as a very effective destination for the study and observation of humanities, philanthropy and social issues.

  • To expand self-employment and skill based training programs.

  • To conduct various skill based training and small enterprises to make the ashram self-reliant.

  • To bring mental health benefit center (mental hospital) in operation in the near future for the health benefit of the dependents in the ashram.

  • To run a senior citizen recreation center for the senior citizens who are forced to live a miserable life alone at home all day long despite having a family.

  • To launch a special campaign for the management of loose animals and quadrupeds all over the country.

  • In order to increase public participation for the promotion of humanity, humanitarian groups will be formed in all the provinces of the country, 77 districts and at least 50 major countries with Nepalis..

  • To implement the programs among the people such human qualities as truth, justice, discipline, kindness, love, compassion, non-violence To conduct programs.

Humanly managing the human beings who are homeless, destitute and at risk of life, mentally retarded, orphaned, disabled and helpless human beings who are forced to live an open-air street life. Needed ( helpless, orphaned, disabled, without guardians, physically and mentally weak, life-threatening) to complete the necessary preparations for the declaration of a road-dependent unmanned nation Nepal, to take the initiative for the declaration.

Message From Chairperson

What our chairperson says

We are committed to ending the situation of any person suffering from mental or psychosocial problems and being physically weak and living a painful and miserable life in the streets and public places due to lack of food, and shelter.

We hav...

Ramjee Adhikari
Founder / President at Manavsewa Ashram