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विभिन्न सञ्चारगृहहरुबाट प्रकाशित मानवसेवा आश्रम सम्बन्धि समाचारहरुलाई यहाँ लिंक गराइएको छ।

एक प्रश्नले जन्माएको ‘मानव सेवा आश्रम’

Who chose the path of human service at an early age
The youth group of the ashram is supporting the orphans who have been picking garbage from the streets for years
Sanchita-Creation of an unhindered journey of human service
The story of the activists who made the country free of people
Muna enjoying human service
"Mother of the destitute" rejoicing in human service
Air Hostess Sanu's Different Landings: Fascinating Activism in Erasing the Scars of the Lives of the Unhappy
These three characters of an amazing campaign, which was connected by that rain
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