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Feeding the helpless is the best way to serve humanity. Serving those in distress will lead to a reduction in their pain. Online booking is now available for feeding services (भोजनसेवा) for mothers, fathers, and children residing at Manavsewa Ashram on occasions such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, promotions at work, festivals, celebrations, ritual remembrance of the anniversary of the departed souls of ancestors, and so on.

Booked Bhojan Sewa

  • Meal Type: Snacks
    Bhojan Date: 2081-02-11
    Contributor: Mr. Kishor Kandel
    NRs: 15000
  • Meal Type: Snacks
    Bhojan Date: 2081-02-24
    Contributor: Test Manav
    NRs: 8500
  • Meal Type: Dinner
    Bhojan Date: 2081-02-05
    Contributor: Mr.Arjun Prasai
    NRs: 222
  • Meal Type: Lunch
    Bhojan Date: 2081-02-04
    Contributor: Mrs. Sulochana K.c
    NRs: 10000
  • Meal Type: Breakfast
    Bhojan Date: 2081-02-04
    Contributor: Donation Box
    NRs: 5100

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